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About us

Address:Wan Bailin area xinghualing 

                district,taiyuan city, Shanxi

                Province,wanda centre,

               175 liberation of north

                road,21 floors

Post code:030009
Service hotline:0351-3430000
Brand profile

“T illustration

Based on the first letter “T” of Tongchegnjiuku (Wine Library of City in Chinese).

Words beginning with the letter T illustrate the spirit of Wine Library of City: time, team, tenacious, together, thankful.

The sunflower yellow T giving to people the impression of relax and joy, is the symbol of youth, vigor and vitality。

The flat, smooth and hollow curve in the middle indicates the service conscience of "Quick response, immediate action"

The shield-like Blue ladder signifies quality guarantee and quality priority.

The blue outer-ring is the symbol of eternity.


“Hi,nihao” is an friendly attitude for customer. The pithy words are full of rich emotion and moral.

“Hi” is different from the involuntary greeting word “Hello” , because it is not informal and rigid but respectful. Meanwhile, it also conveys an amiable and approachable tone, which makes people smile naturally. The word “nihao”, can ease the awkward atmosphere of the strangers, and make people closer.

Delivery service in the entire city in 19 minutes

“19”=I want wine

Saving your precious time by ordering from us, you can wear better your tie, and polish your leather shoes。

Saving your precious time by ordering from us, you can do better cooking and set well the plates。

Saving your precious time by ordering from us, we will be waiting for your order, but never make you wait for us。

Business hours: Winter 09:00-21:00 Summer 09:00-21:30  Warm service
Address : 21st floor Wanda Center,No.175 North
               Jiefang Rd,Dist Xinghualing,Taiyuan
               city,Shanxi province,China
Email : tcjk@3430000.com
Post code : 030009
Fax : 0351-6659144
Service Hotline : 0351-3430000
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