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China's new generation of Wine Research Institute was established, Sichuan wine to create a new hundred billion market
作者:同城酒库   |   发布时间:2016-09-18   |   3433次浏览
In June 17, 2016, the museum in Sichuan province Chengdu liquor brewing Research Institute, Sichuan Institute of brewing joint Sichuan Tao Tang Shi Industrial Co. Ltd. here held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony -- small scale China new generation Wine Research Institute was formally established, Sichuan Provincial Commission by letter Wang Wankun, deputy director of the Golden Triangle office to promote the national spirit party construction deputy director attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. This marks the Sichuan provincial government in the transformation and upgrading of the liquor in the province to seize the new consumer market has taken the overall pace of history.

Learn from Bordeaux, Sichuan wine new generation loaded on the new engine"

See only a small part, this year from the Sichuan provincial government, Sichuan Provincial Commission by letter several times in both formal and informal meetings can be seen, the development of Sichuan liquor has become an important engine of economic growth in Sichuan。 This transition from the governor of Sichuan province Yin Li, the "upgrade", to the Sichuan Provincial Commission by letter to further clarify the industry supply side reform is the new generation of wine growth pole, and then in June 3rd the first to carry out on behalf of the Wuliangye enterprise face to face the new conference and the owner of the bar, Sichuan liquor future blueprint has been gradually clear, namely, steady growth in the traditional liquor market, are different from the traditional "new generation wine" strategy to break up。 Study on Sichuan Province as one of the provincial wine wine of the country's largest nature become the historic issue of the responsibility of units, but the market and the product innovation d on the recent years, as the upgrade in the wine industry, wine integrated operators in Sichuan Tao Tang Shi industry limited company is entering the government sight。

It is reported that in Sichuan province and the Sichuan Institute of brewing Tao Tang Shi industry to respond positively to the provincial Commission by letter of the new generation of wine strategy, the first column of the final target international footprint, namely global planning Bordeaux France Wine, namely the winery + research + brand + platform operation mode, set up a joint Chinese new generation wine product research institute。 Sichuan Province, deputy director of the Commission by letter Wang Wankun said: "the French Wine has become the pride of the world, the core driving force is from the establishment of the Wine areas d on the school, through school production, learning and research, consumption completely docking, output rich products and Wine culture to the world。

Sichuan wine in the traditional wine product growth will tend to be stable, in the face of 80, 90, 00 after the Sichuan liquor must stand in the future layout of the new generation of wine products this pet big emerging market。 Therefore, China's new generation of Wine Research Institute will assume this historic mission, to achieve a hundred billion level of new markets。" Sichuan province Wine Institute director Wu Yadong stressed: "Sichuan Province, the new generation of Wine Institute will be the forefront of the market demand of Sichuan Tao Tangshi industry as the starting point, integration of upstream liquor production enterprises docking, raw materials, process, wine, taste and overall innovation, aiming at the night scene, KTV, special channel, international market other young new generation consumer market development and customized。

Obviously, Sichuan liquor is no longer confined to the traditional taste of the liquor market, but aimed at the youth of the blue ocean market, to China consumer market "new", "re invention" d on the traditional liquor, then Wuliangye ice exposure, Luzhou Lao Jiao health wine, Luzhou 2 and other large listed, these "new world wine" will bid farewell to Sanda alone situation, but rather to the new generation of China liquor family comprehensive "breeding" in France, Bordeaux Wine school, Sichuan Chinese new generation wine liquor Market Research Institute, "new horizon" has arrived.

For the consumer life, Sichuan liquor new generation is to return to the era of consumer sovereignty

As chairman and former president of Wuliangye group China Golden Triangle Liquor Association Wang Guochun pointed out: the innovation of product and marketing of Sichuan liquor should learn from the famous Huang Huai region。 In fact, whether it is in Jiangsu the Yanghe River with the rise of soft, or the year puree, Anhui Gujing eco wine Yingjia case, has indicated that the docking wine liquor and concept innovation of these young people to overcome the liquor consumption dating on "the best evidence。

"The young people have to the world, for a country so, for an industry is so。 Chinese liquor should not only traditional style, Wine new and old world, Chinese liquor should also All flowers bloom together。, thousands of style。 Only the evening alcohol consumption has 400 billion channels, Chinese liquor should be "literacy" through these blind spots, who will care for the next generation? I think the new generation of Sichuan liquor is to carry this banner, so that consumers really do take heart, screaming wine。" Sichuan Tao Tang Shi Industrial Co。, Ltd。, chairman Wang Qiangru said。 According to the reporter learned that, this "shaoshuoduozuo" Sichuan Tao Tang Shi industry has long been a rainy day, after service, reinforce the liquor brand global wine product development business, have the layout of the pan cultural tourism, wine wine business trading platform。 If China's new generation of Wine Research Institute is a research and development and manufacturing center, then Tao Tang Shi industry will be the future of the channel and operations center"。

Facts have proved that the new generation of Sichuan liquor revolution has been made from endogenous to the outside, from individual enterprises to the Sichuan liquor collective full swing。 "All this is not to our producers for the purpose, but for consumers to rise up, and, as an emerging market in the new era and I believe that the future consumers can always find their most Swiss products in Sichuan liquor camp, let the consumer endorsement of Sichuan liquor new generation, this is Chinese new generation wine Institute
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