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020 in the wine industry wine has O2O in the end how breaking
作者:同城酒库   |   发布时间:2016-09-18   |   3445次浏览
020 wine seems to have with the liquor o2o to try and innovation, the innovation spirit and the courage to try very worthy of our admiration and learning。 In this, itself is with a learning attitude and we explore the wine industry o2o, while standing in the user and the needs of the point of view to explore how to break the wine industry o2o。

First, the rise of electronic commerce

Wine e-commerce development is in fact, and industry, product characteristics, the Chinese people love to drink, alcohol consumption market is huge. This is the implementation of the dispute, in the traditional liquor line sales channels, many barriers, many s, channels or regional monopoly phenomenon. Liquor products, high profit margins, but also s by increase value. At the same time, standing in the winery and brewery because consumers' point of view, traditional channels to promote cost and price of the amount of money the cost of the channels, so many wineries and even 100 years old winery walking difficulties, at the same time, but also by consumers to spend more money to cover the cost of the original low liquor products.

The rise of e-commerce, whether it is in the channel or in the price of a double to meet the needs of the upstream wineries and end consumers. For the upstream wineries, e-commerce website, this emerging Internet marketing channel and the channel cost is low in the past the traditional media and the line path to low a lot, the benefit cost ratio is very suitable for the promotion of new products and brand promotion of the winery.

As the liquor consumer terminals, past some alcoholic products or for having heard it many times often consume alcoholic liquor, because of e-commerce in increasing purchasing methods at the same time, also appeared in the price butcher's identity, such as the traditional channels of thousands of dollars worth of liquor, not a few hundred dollars in electricity prices. Since the upstream manufacturers, consumers are very satisfied with the end, similar to the Jingdong, such as Taobao e-commerce development itself is the revolution of the intermediary business and channel business, therefore, there is no exception. This is the reason for the rise of e-commerce can be wine.

Two, the current characteristics of alcohol o2o

When it comes to 020, since it is a combination of online and offline, its mode characteristics and the nature of several of the most basic features

1, the passenger passenger shall at least include the so-called fusion fusion two aspects, the first is the integration of online and store traffic flow line, the second is the traditional line store traffic through the conversion of o2o and eventually make up line passenger flow increase。

2, product experience is needed with 020 online and offline, on the one hand is the fusion of different crowd attributes of online and offline, on the other hand is the industry and is closely related to the sale of commodities characteristics, in the previous article "ushered in the third tide of o2o breaking" has been introduced in detail。 Not all of the industries and products are suitable for this model 020。 Property and experience in the sale of goods in which the role of o2o is very important, otherwise the user can only be completed under the online or offline orders and other services without the combination of the two。

3, the supply chain integration of supply chain integration, in fact, is the implementation of o2o enterprise integration can bring benefits and benefits. Through the traditional line of stores, inventory and other advantages of traditional industries, to promote the upgrading and optimization of online services and regional procurement products.

4, improve the service of electronic commerce or the nature of the competition is still worth mentioning o2o services, o2o integration in the pre-sale, sale and customer service, online and offline using a multi channel field of the different resources and advantages, can provide users with better service.

Such as fast delivery service, not only from the traditional online customer orders, in the central warehouse sorting, packaging, warehousing, logistics companies to transfer, the third party logistics company sorting distribution, courier door-to-door delivery this set of time-consuming and laborious lengthy process is simplified as the customer orders and direct delivery from the most recent store, process and customer the waiting time is greatly shortened。

From the current market point of view, now the liquor o2o characteristics and promotional selling point can be summarized into two categories:

1, online and part of the major wine B2C website main push is the way the phone app, both customers can not limit the area to take a mobile phone or app under the form of a single purchase

2, part of the line under the line, the current liquor B2C website online itself as the number of its own stores or self scale far has not yet reached the required to meet the o2o saturation, most are still in the main chain of liquor stores to join. After joining the line under the line of liquor stores can use the Internet brand, liquor supply chain, but also can be the nearest delivery of customer orders.

3, the consumer experience of liquor 020 from the current market promotion, the main idea and content is the rapid distribution of alcohol. The standard of consumption and experience the scene, customers pay to have a meal, because the restaurant drinks prices high, customers choose mobile phone single way to purchase goods and by the nearest liquor stores to join in a specified time to complete the final distribution of goods directly.

Three, wine industry o2o analysis

1, user needs analysis

From the current publicity of the 020 applications of the wine scene and perspective to see, such as the consumption of wine to buy the scene of the user to eat dinner, this kind of demand is obviously a number of problems and constraints。 Users with dinner drinks, nothing more than three kinds of sources: users in the restaurant where the restaurant on the spot to buy drinks; before the user in the traditional offline stores to buy; the user has purchased on the Internet; the three purchase price and time of different sources。 And online shopping fast distribution of this type
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